> No part of Zion has lived up to the contract in Ether and we're
> all corrupt. Much as we would love to take a higher ground, it
> is too expensive for us.

Yes, you would be moral if only it weren't for the US. Darn them!

> My reasoning is that we are being hammered enough by US
> protectionism as it is -- if we upset the US it could get worse.

So what? Don't sell to US markets. Take your ball and go home. The US 
can't really do much about Canadian trade with other countries, can it?

> Better to be taken for granted and forgotten about than to
> become an item on US network news.

Or discussion lists.

> I'll slightly violate a personal (temporary) rule of mine and
> ask all on this list who think that Canada needs the US to
> protect it:
> Please send me a list of Canada's enemies who could invade
> Canada. Your list will be empty.  There is no one.

Any country that desires Canada's resources or location, and that has 
resources sufficient for such an invasion. Currently, I believe that 
list consists of exactly no one. It used to consist of the Soviet Union, 
which would absolutely have loved to own Canada the way it owned eastern 
Europe, and would doubtless have invaded had they believed they had any 
chance whatsoever of success. But your big, mean, smelly neighbors to 
the south scared them off. (To be fair, it was your big, mean, smelly 
southern neighbors who gave the Soviets the desire to possess Canada; 
but judging from European and Asian locations, the Soviets might have 
wanted to march into American Siberia anyway, just because they could 
have.) In the future, it might well consist of China, a country with 
great resources and vast potential they are beginning to develop.

> As you know, we were also pressured by Kennedy to station Bomarc
> nuclear missiles on Canadian soil. When we refused, the US
> dismantled our aerospace industry (remember the AVRO Arrow
> scandal?)

No kidding? The US actually invaded Canada and took apart the aerospace 
factories? Wow.

> and violated our sovereignty by stationing nuclear submarines with
> nuclear missiles aboard in the straits of the Arctic Archipelago.

That's one side. The other side is: If your neighbors are carrying 
typhoid or have rats or mosquitos or some such thing, and refuse to (or 
perhaps cannot) observe basic hygiene, you (or some other vested 
authority) might be fully within your rights to demand and enforce a 
standard of cleanliness that ensures your own safety.

> Hence, Canada does not need _any_ form of US protection. Not
> economic, not from ballistic missiles (who would launch against
> us?), not from land invasions, not from sea invasions, not from
> air invasions, not from no one no how.

Currently, I think you're probably correct. For now. Will that be the 
situation tomorrow? Are Canadians righteous and God-fearing enough to 
stand alone against the world, if it comes to that? Will God fight your 
battles for you?

> However, here's the kicker: I don't think it's anyone's military
> we have to worry about, but the US economic might which is
> steamrolling over us in absolute blatant hypocrisy even now;
> imagine if we had someone like Paul Martin, who at least speaks
> one of our official languages, as PM, who told the Pentagon to
> stuff it. What do you think would happen to Nortel, Canadian
> Marconi, Spar Aerospace, etc., etc.?

I suppose the US would invade Canada, seize control of them, and 
forcibly dismantle their factories and research facilities, as it did 
your aerospace industry?

> I only pray that we become Scotland to their England and not
> Romania to their Soviet Union.

If you quit your bellyaching, we may allow you to catch the anchovies 
for our pizzas. No promises, comrade.


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