Newfound is chock full of names like this, the best example of which I can't give
because it would break the charter (but it's an ironic name, given that a former
Playmate, Shannon Tweed, comes from this town). But some other examples I can think
of are

Channel-port-aux-Basques, Rose Blanche Harbour le Cou,  and L'anse aux Meadows
(mixing French and English like this is common)
A "tickle" in Newfoundland English is a small fjiord so you get all kinds of names
like Mary's Tickle and so on. Joe Batts Arm is another similar one.

Then there are whimsical names that are, well, just whimsical:

Hearts Content
Little Hearts Ease
Come by Chance
Nameless Cove
Witless Bay

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 18:02 10/2/2002 -0600, M Marc wrote:
> >But we're vastly outnumbered by caribou. I'm thinking that if the aliens are
> >really smart, they'll assume that caribous are the sentient species, and we're
> >just advanced prairie dogs. Besides, they'd be looking for Elvis, and Wawa,
> >Ontario, is the last place they'd think of looking.
> Go Home Bay, Ontario sounds pretty tempting
> Till
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