> Yes, you would be moral if only it weren't for the US. Darn them!

> Your caricature does not accurately represent what I wrote.

I think it does, more or less. Your implication has been that Canada's 
problems originate with the US, and that any of Canada's perhaps 
less-than-sterling actions are caused because they have little choice 
but to bow to the yoke of oppression of the southern imperialists and do 
their bidding.

> My reasoning is that we are being hammered enough by US
> protectionism as it is -- if we upset the US it could get worse.

> So what? Don't sell to US markets. Take your ball and go home.
> The US can't really do much about Canadian trade with other
> countries, can it?

> We're an export-dependent economy -- 80% of what we make gets
> exported, and most of that goes to the U.S. Why would we go
> back to the stone age just to retain the moral high ground
> (note I said, "why *would* we..." not "why *should* we..."

No good reason that I can think of, just things like pleasing God, 
keeping yourselves free of entangling alliances, and so forth. Oh, yes, 
and the fact that you could spout off on an internet discussion list 
with some modicum of credibility because of your superior moral 

If you commit immoral actions for the purposes of keeping a foreign 
market open, fine, but then quit bellyaching about the oppressions of 
the foreigners. At least the Americans on this list who warn of the 
potential Chinese threat are consistent in that they abhor the US' trade 
status with the Chinese, instead of making excuses about how big a 
market China is.

> Not badly put, actually.

I may have to have this post framed.

> we were also pressured by Kennedy to station Bomarc nuclear
> missiles on Canadian soil. When we refused, the US dismantled
> our aerospace industry (remember the AVRO Arrow scandal?)

> No kidding? The US actually invaded Canada and took apart the
> aerospace factories? Wow.

> Who wrote that? Not I.

You wrote that the US "dismantled" your aerospace industry. What, you 
were building arms for the imperialists to the south, and they 
threatened to take their business elsewhere? That makes you an oppressed 
nation? Give me a break. If the mob threatens to buy their automatic 
weapons from another supplier, well, I probably tell them not to let the 
door hit their butts on the way out.

> The pressure was, again, exports. I don't think you have any
> idea how much of your military equipment is built in Canada.

So then, why is a pacifist like you berating the US? Oughtn't you to be 
tending to home business instead, like working to get Canada out of the 
arms-building business?

> If the Manhattan had spilled oil, whose environment would have
> been harmed, who would have had to clean it up, and who would
> have refused to foot the bill, dya think?

Maybe you're right. Please cite a reasonably recent example of the US 
creating an environmental mess in another country, especially an 
important strategic/trade partner, and then refusing to do anything to 
help out.

> Currently, I think you're probably correct. For now. Will that
> be the situation tomorrow? Are Canadians righteous and God-
> fearing enough to stand alone against the world, if it comes to
> that? Will God fight your battles for you

> If we're righteous. But we're not.

Bingo. So perhaps if you don't have the chops to stand on your own, you 
should quit bellyaching about the bully on your team.

> What do you think would happen to Nortel, Canadian
> Marconi, Spar Aerospace, etc., etc.?

> I suppose the US would invade Canada, seize control of them,
> and forcibly dismantle their factories and research facilities,
> as it did your aerospace industry?

> The least you could do is make your caricatures funny.

Since you didn't find it funny, clearly you are wrong. In fact, I 
suppose the least I could have done would have been nothing at all. But 
we aren't all clever enough to be Canadians, so you have to show a 
little patience.

> I only pray that we become Scotland to their England and not
> Romania to their Soviet Union.

> If you quit your bellyaching, we may allow you to catch the
> anchovies for our pizzas. No promises, comrade.

> Spasibo.

A Nunavet insult? A Canadian sandwich spread? An anagram of "I pass 


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