> I get it, but as I explained, it's not a level playing field, morally speaking.
> No part of Zion has lived up to the contract in Ether and we're all corrupt. Much
> as we would love to take a higher ground, it is too expensive for us. We *could*
> do it, but your government's actions make it more difficult for us. We have free
> agency but limited options, which is usually how life works.

What would be more expensive and difficult, Marc?  Are you saying that it is cheaper 
for Canada to support nearly every US military operation (i.e. war) than to not 
support them?  That makes no sense to me.  Are you saying that it is cheaper and 
easier for Canada to support other US policy actions even if we don't like them and 
feel that they will be detrimental to our country?  That also makes no sense.

I'll slightly violate a personal (temporary) rule of mine and ask all on this list who 
think that Canada needs the US to protect it: 

Please send me a list of Canada's enemies who could invade Canada.

Your list will be empty.  There is no one.  

Hence, Canada does not need _any_ form of US protection. Not economic, not from 
ballistic missiles (who would launch against us?), not from land invasions, not from 
sea invasions, not from air invasions, not from no one no how.

(Just as a little tip to those who might think that invasions are easy: research the 
allies' effort in the Gulf War to beat puny little Iraq.  Try to extrapolate to 
massive Canada (one of many caveats: we have winter).  Extra hint: try to find any US 
Cold War plans for the invasion of Russia).

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