> -John-
> >>>A little MYOB would go a long way to solving America's foreign
> >>>problems.
> >>
> >> Make your own beer????
> >
> > Mind Your Own Business --JWR
> Seems unnecessarily harsh. Poor Till was just trying to clarify the
> meaning of the acronym -- and this is a discussion list, after all.
> Stephen the Peacemaker (1.5 megaton warhead)

On the other hand, and it pains me to say this because no one is more to
be admired than the venerable Till, but still, I have to say it...
Wasn't it the Till who first introduced alcohol into the discussion?
That never helps in civil discourse. One can understand JWR responding a
little bit harshly when someone wades into a discussion with beer on his
virtual breath. Anyway I'm guessing the acronym is "Masticate your own
beans".  JWR's gentle way of suggesting that US foreign policy was
slightly overzealous and that nations should be left to chew on their
own problems.  Of course if JWR comes back at "me" and suggests that I
"Mind my own business" I'll go the penitent route too.  
Tom the temperate 

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