list consists of exactly no one. It used to consist of the Soviet Union, 
which would absolutely have loved to own Canada the way it owned eastern 
Europe, and would doubtless have invaded had they believed they had any 
chance whatsoever of success. 

That's just the point.  Had the Soviet Union ever engaged in an overseas invasion?  
Never.  Couldn't have pulled it off.  Overseas invasions are tough stuff.  Really, 
really tough.  No, I mean way tougher than that.  And once you've tried and failed you 
have to continue failing by trying and failing to hold the territory.  A complete 

have.) In the future, it might well consist of China, a country with 
great resources and vast potential they are beginning to develop.

Let's distinguish between who might like to and who actually could.  China doesn't 
want to and China will never be able to.  See my first paragraph.  John alone could 
hold them off.  Of course, now he tells us that he plans to move to Provo in a few 
years.  Very clever, abdicating his responsibility just in time.  No, wait, I said 
that Canada doesn't need US protection.  Okay John, you are cleared to go.  But swing 
by our place on the way down, would ya?

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