Dan writes,
>The Church is certainly _trying_ to make this easier; Have they started
>talking about the prepackaged food kits in your area yet?

I've heard of pre-packaged food kits, especially along the lines
of MRE's, but they're usually produced or distributed by a
third party company, such as Emergency Preparedness out of
Orem, UT.  I think you can get one person-year's worth of
rations so described for around $2500-3000.  Maybe a little
less when it's on sale.

No, these are being put out by the Church Canneries, at least here in Mesa.
They consist of two boxes containing #10 cans of Wheat, Beans, Oatmeal, and
Powered Milk along with Sugar, Oil, Salt etc. The two boxes contain enough
food to feed an adult (supposably) for 1 month, and cost ~$26. We've been
getting a lot of encouragement from the Stake level to take advantage of
this, so was just wondering if anyone else had heard of it.

Which reminds me...how long would Chef Boyardee last as a
food storage item?  =)  Or canned goods, generally?  We
could probably start our food storage program with some
canned goods, some pasta, and a few bottles of Paul Newman
salad dressing . . .

>From what I've been hearing, not as long as you might think - At least from
a nutritional standpoint.

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