I think that the Lord's prophecies will occur, regardless of what we do.
The only thing we can do is seek to establish Zion, spread the gospel,
and trust God to help us through all things. 

As for wars, they are going to occur, regardless. We must seek to only be
involved in righteous wars, something we haven't always succeeded in
doing. I personally prefer our military staying closer to home. The
reality is, though, nature hates a vacuum. If the US were to stop being
the world's policeforce, someone else would step in with power. The next
power broker may or may not be as assertive as the US. The next may or
may not care about human rights and personal freedoms. In fact, the book
of Revelation suggests that a Triad of power (Beast, Prophet, and Dragon)
will be the world's police force, at least for the Old Hemisphere.

Contrary to Marc, who I believe thinks that Zion will be annihilated by
the latter day Assyria prior to its own fall, I think there will be two
world powers: Zion and Babylon/Assyria. Zion will be built once
America/US has been stopped as a nation (which is what I think will be
the attack from Assyria that Marc anticipates). 

Also, the idea that our military should stay near our own borders made
sense 50 years ago. However, in a world where an ICBM can fly across the
world in 22 minutes, and an ocean is no longer a barrier, we have to
rethink that attitude. If we are not out on the new borders of the world,
then we will be allowing ourselves to be open to major attacks. I mean,
look at how fluid the border with Mexico is. Imagine now just what would
happen if we weren't around knowing who was installing missile batteries
and developing new tracking systems in order to extend their attack

And even if we aren't the ones in the middle of a nuclear attack, say it
is limited to India, Pakistan and China, just how long do you think it
would take for the radiation to float over to us and affect us? It isn't
possible to hide anymore. All we can choose to do is to make difficult
decisions for the right reasons.  If we hide, like Carter wanted to do,
we actually endanger the world more. During Carter's reign of error, he
came close to having several democracies toppled. He was for human
rights, but against our involvement in other nations. Communism had a
heyday during his administration. Compare that with Reagan's time, when
he stood tough, and it has helped to spread democracy around the world.
More people are free today, thanks to Reagan, than due to Carter and
Clinton combined. 

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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