"Ad hominem" is an odd thing to put in here, and it is put in incorrectly, I
might add.

But it appears to me that you chose to let things go until they get out of
hand, assuring us that they will not.  I chose to support the view that they
are already out of hand and will get much worse.

Saddam's character has been clearly shown in both his personal (child
molestation), his internal (killing MILLIONS of innocent people, 150,000+ by
WOMM) and his external (Iran, Kuwait, US, others) activities.

It's a judgment call.  We have made different judgments.  It is our
responsibility to handle things in the temporal world, to protect the
innocent, wherever they may be.

You appear to focus on Saddam.  I chose to focus on his millions of victims.

We just have different points of view.  Neither of us can predict which
course of action will have the most negative consequences, or the most
positive.  However,  from my perspective, the opportunities for a good
outcome are far greater if we chose to protect both ourselves and others.
The possibilities from this vantage point are (1) a freer Iraq, far fewer
people killed in the next 5 years, and (3) elimination of the very viable
threat to not only the US, but the entire world.

Al Quaeda will do whatever it wants to do, regardless of what we do, unless
what we do is to (1) remove their state sponsors and (2) track them down.
(1) says that we must remove the Taliban from Afghanistan first [done], take
out Saddam next [in process], and then see what else must be done.

You cannot expect to enjoy your freedoms, when there are others, quite well
motivated by Satan as well as by the natural man, who see YOU as both (1) a
threat to their plans to control people, and (2) a target.

I think that there are many individual statements in this post that you
would concur with, as well as statements by me that you may think are
mischaracterizations of your position.  I understand that you simply chose
to interpret the world in a different manner.

The purpose of this post is to try to state from a high level what my
perspective is.


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First of all, I do not oppose the removal of Saddam Hussein from power --
every bit the tyrant that people say he is. What I oppose is a foreign
country, a
superpower who think they have a mandate to police the world, deciding whom
take out and who to leave in charge (if Hussein, why not al-Assad and
as I keep asking).

Secondly, the comments about Bush were *in response* to your ad hominem
attack on
Saddam. Again, the point is, I'm sure what you say about Saddam is right.
that's not the point. It's what should be done about it that's the point.

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