First of all, I do not oppose the removal of Saddam Hussein from power -- he's
every bit the tyrant that people say he is. What I oppose is a foreign country, a
superpower who think they have a mandate to police the world, deciding whom to
take out and who to leave in charge (if Hussein, why not al-Assad and Mussharaf,
as I keep asking).

Secondly, the comments about Bush were *in response* to your ad hominem attack on
Saddam. Again, the point is, I'm sure what you say about Saddam is right. But
that's not the point. It's what should be done about it that's the point.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> I find it interesting that those who oppose taking out Saddam also feel
> offended when the truth is spoken about him, but feel no restraint when
> impugning with unbridled passion those with whom they disagree (e.g.,.
> President Bush).
> Please feel free to express these same sentiments to the parents of the
> children Saddam has abused.  And note that I did give these thoughts careful
> consideration.
> I can understand the stand you are taking with regard to dealing with Iraq.
> What I do not understand is why you think that Saddam's ruthless treatment
> of the people of Iraq, our brothers and sisters, should be tolerated, and
> why his threat to us and the rest of the world should be ignored.  You have

I have explained more than half a dozen times that there are greater threats to
western security in the region. NOT ONCE have I read a response to my question
about Pakistan. The onus is on you to defend your government's actions, not up to
me to defend the renunciation of war in general, and specifically a militaristic
approach to the problem. That defends itself -- "MYOB".

> often railed against the Gadiantons in our midst.  Well, can't you see that
> Saddam is one of them?

He's not "in our midst." Let's worry about the GR's in our midst. Let's start
with those who make and promote the use of armaments, for starters.

> The Nephites constantly pursued the Gadiantons -
> they actively searched for them and tried to destroy them.  Were they wrong
> to do this?  Should they have just said "They didn't get MY daughter, so
> it's none of my business!"?

They were only in the righty AFTER they were directly attacked, and attacked in
defence of their liberties, property and lives. You are not in that position. We
(America as a whole) are in the position of Assyria, having broken the covenant
of Zion as recorded in Ether. Again, I haven't read a SINGLE response to that,
although both John and I have pointed this out on numerous occasions. Are we
speaking past each other, I wonder?

> Do you understand my position?  OK, so you feel that Saddam is not a
> Gadianton, but that Bush and his controlling CFR are.

John and I differ in the details of who the GR's are. I think worrying about the
CFR is like worrying about the colour of the paint on the Titanic, so I do not
take quite his approach on this. But I find it very interesting that some of the
most conservative amongst us and some of the most so-called liberal amongst us
can agree that we *do* have Gadianton Robbers amongst us, and that the proposed
war against Iraq is a feint, a magician's trick, to divert our attention away
from what is happening to our liberties from Argentina and Colombia to the USA
and Canada.

>  It doesn't make sense
> to me, but you have the right to your own thoughts.  But if, as you say, the
> Gospel can only prosper under freedom, it seems that we must constantly try
> to defeat the Gadiantons.  (Here - your response: "Saying Saddam is a
> Gadianton doesn't make him one" to which I respond "No, that fact that he IS
> one makes him one."  There, one round of emails taken care of.)

We will not establish freedom by overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Did I post the
response from Dan Peterson here, a response to someone on another list who had
said that the Arabs are not interested in the Gospel? The very day he responded
to me he and his wife were having dinner with the Jordanian ambassador, a member
of the Q12, a 70, and their wives. The work is going forward, but God works
through Zion, not through Assyria. We need to get our nations back to Zion and
away from Assyria/Babylon.

> Jon
> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > After careful consideration, Jon Spencer wrote:
> > >Being that Saddam regularly has sex with young girls, I think that we can
> > >safely assume that he does not take his religion to heart.
> >

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and
falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
--Michelangelo Buonarroti

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