> Trivia time, boys and girls: anybody know what the original US
> action was that prompted the emplacement of missiles in Cuba?

> I'm not sure if it is what you are reffering to, but there was
> talk of trading the removal of US missles in Turkey for the
> removal of Soviet missles in Cuba.

> You've got the item right enough. NATO had put into place
> batteries of missiles in NE Turkey, aimed at the USSR, and it
> was in retaliation for this that Khrushchev put missiles in
> Cuba. Diplomacy allowed both to back down with saved face, and
> both sets of missiles were removed. The problem is that today
> we tend to remember Cuba, but forget that we wronged them first.

Wow. NATO, led by the US, no doubt, decided out of a clear blue sky to 
station some missiles in Turkey. No history to that action, of course. 
Just a sudden, impulsive decision by those imperialistic westerners 
against the poor, oppressed Soviet proletariat. No wonder Khrushchev had 
to put missiles 90 miles off our coast. Clearly it was the US' fault. 
Thanks for that informative and impartial analysis.

Less ignorant than before,


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