Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Marc-
> > Trivia time, boys and girls: anybody know what the original US
> > action was that prompted the emplacement of missiles in Cuba?
> -Scott-
> > I'm not sure if it is what you are reffering to, but there was
> > talk of trading the removal of US missles in Turkey for the
> > removal of Soviet missles in Cuba.
> -Marc-
> > You've got the item right enough. NATO had put into place
> > batteries of missiles in NE Turkey, aimed at the USSR, and it
> > was in retaliation for this that Khrushchev put missiles in
> > Cuba. Diplomacy allowed both to back down with saved face, and
> > both sets of missiles were removed. The problem is that today
> > we tend to remember Cuba, but forget that we wronged them first.
> Wow. NATO, led by the US, no doubt, decided out of a clear blue sky to

Why do you say they did it out of the clear blue sky?
I'd be surprised if it hadn't been part of a strategy. Of course there was a

But that wasn't my question.

> station some missiles in Turkey. No history to that action, of course.
> Just a sudden, impulsive decision by those imperialistic westerners
> against the poor, oppressed Soviet proletariat. No wonder Khrushchev had
> to put missiles 90 miles off our coast. Clearly it was the US' fault.
> Thanks for that informative and impartial analysis.
> Less ignorant than before,
> Stephen

But more and more telepathic all the time.

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