> To test this out - what are the current or former occupations of the apostles?

Here are some of the former occupations of all the current apostles.  Neither 
President Hinckley nor President Packer could have become wealthy from their 
employment, so Paul's theory fails in those cases (granted, they may have made money 
from their books, investments, consulting fees, etc.).  All or almost all the Brethren 
have university degrees and several have multiple degrees.  None appear to have been 
mainly manual labourers.

President Hinckley: employee of the Church since completing his mission.

President Monson: general manager of Deseret Press. 

President Faust: attorney (lawyer).

President Packer: pilot during WWII, supervisor of Seminaries and Institutes of 

Elder Perry: vice president and treasurer of department store chain in Boston.

Elder Haight: district and regional manager of large retail store chain, assistant to 
president of BYU.

Elder Maxwell: executive vice president of the University of Utah, Church commissioner 
of education.

Elder Nelson: Renowned surgeon and medical researcher.

Elder Oaks: nine years as president of BYU, and three years as Utah Supreme Court 

Elder Ballard: various business enterprises, including automotive, real estate and 

Elder Wirthlin: president of trade association in Utah.

Elder Scott: Worked 12 years developing military and private nuclear power reactors; 
subsequently consultant to nuclear power industry.

Elder Hales:  jet fighter pilot; was an executive with four major national companies.

Elder Holland: president of Brigham Young University.

Elder Eyring: president of Ricks College, 1971-77.

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