Stephen, if you contribute something positive, I'll comment on it. Otherwise, why
bother? How do you know what my emotional state is if and when I "tweak"

You can read history, or ignore it with smug personal attacks. Your choice.

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Psychic Marc-
> > [Castro] saw revolution as the only way to break the endless
> > pattern of Cubans electing democratic governments etc.
> -Confused Marc-
> > Where's the beef, er, ideology? I deliberately avoided painting
> > him in ideological colours. This is history as it happened
> If you can't see how your psychic analysis, or at least psychoanalysis,
> of Castro does not constitute "history as it happened", but rather is an
> ideological gloss, then I'm powerless to help. However, as you take
> great pleasure in "tweaking" Americans, I expect that's what you're
> doing now.
> Stephen the Tweaked
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Marc A. Schindler
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“We do not think that there is an incompatibility between words and deeds; the
worst thing is to rush into action before the consequences have been properly
debated…To think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was
a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly
character; ability to understand a question from all sides meant that one was
totally unfitted for action.” – Pericles about his fellow-Athenians, as quoted by
Thucydides in “The Peloponessian Wars”

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