Now, now, Marc. Giving you the last word doesn't mean giving you license 
to misquote and make stuff up. To wit:

> You used the phrase "[here] and elsewhere". It was the
> "elsewhere" that I was taking objection to.

This is untrue. I did not use the phrase "and elsewhere", as you 
yourself go on to admit:

> Your original: "Much as some, American and otherwise, might
> find that hard to understand, I think it's tautological."

And it's true. Many, both American and otherwise, find it hard to 
understand that one cannot be a faithful Latter-day Saint and a liberal 
Democrat -- meaning, of course, a supporter of the liberal element of 
the US Democratic Party, as is obvious from context. You appear to be a 
shining example of exactly that fact, since you seem not to admit the 
rather obvious truth of the statement (obvious to some of us, at least).

In any case, I made no explicit or implicit claims about word meanings 
"elsewhere" other than the US. Feel free to have the last word, but 
don't use that opportunity to put words in my mouth.


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