>  I am a good Mormon Democrat

> Then I'm willing to bet you're not a liberal Democrat.

> Please don't define *our* language for us.

Marc, I am talking to a fellow American here, not to an Aussie or a 
Brit. If your understanding of American politics too sparse to acquaint 
you with the commonly-used term "liberal Democrat", then you should 
consider sparing yourself the embarrassment of demonstrating that 
ignorance in front of everyone.

> "Liberal" is still a perfectly fine word in the majority of
> the English-speaking world.

Indeed, it is so in the US, too. But since this was a case of two 
Americans talking about American politics, the phrase had a 
well-understood meaning -- well-understood, that is, to those who 
understand American politics. Since you obviously do not, you would 
probably do well not to insert uninformed, meaningless etymological 



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