FWIW, a lot of people assume Mt. Zion is the temple mount, but it's not, it's to
the west and isn't quite as prominent as Mt. Moriah. I made special note to look
to see what's there now, at the summit. It's basically a parking lot for a Greek
Orthodox seminary and monastery which is built on the western slopes of the
"mountain" (as a geographical feature it's hardly impressive -- you have to have
someone point it out to you, or study maps very carefully). Also, the Western
Wall, or "wailing wall" is *not* the original Herodian temple. That was
completely destroyed, so that one stone did not stand upon another, as a reader
of the NT will remember. The wall is actually part of a structure built by the
Turks, believe it or not. There's still controversy over where exactly on Mt.
Moriah the original temples (whichever of the 3 versions you're looking at,
Solomon's, Nehemiah's or Herod's) you look at. And the temple scroll of the DSS
describes a temple which would cover more than the existing area of all of Old
Jerusalem (that part currently enclosed by the Turkish walls, from the Jaffa Gate
to the Damascus Gate and cutting across David's city and part of Mt. Zion).

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >We know that a temple will be built in Jerusalem before the Second
> >Coming.  We also know that a temple will be built in Jackson County
> before
> >the Savior comes.  Question: will the temple in Jerusalem have to be
> built
> >and dedicated under the authority and supervision of the Melchizedek
> >priesthood?  Or will unbelieving Jews find some way of building a real
> >temple without authority from God?
> >We know that a temple is just a building until it has been dedicated by
> the
> >priesthood.  Will that rule still hold in Jerusalem before the Second
> Coming.
> I think we have been here before. It's a good subject. I say that the
> Jews can't build a temple that the Lord will accept. A temple must be
> built and consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Jews cannot do
> that.
> The temple in Jerusalem will be built by the LDS church for in behalf of
> Mormon Jews. The LDS church is the only people under the heavens that can
> perform such a work. To think that the Jews will build a temple outside
> of the authority of the Mormons is just like saying the Jehovah's
> Witnesses can do so too. There is no scriptural reference to support such
> an idea.
> Paul O
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a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly
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totally unfitted for action.” – Pericles about his fellow-Athenians, as quoted by
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