At 12:10 10/24/2002 -0500, St Paul wrote:

I think we have been here before. It's a good subject. I say that the
Jews can't build a temple that the Lord will accept. A temple must be
built and consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Jews cannot do

The temple in Jerusalem will be built by the LDS church for in behalf of
Mormon Jews. The LDS church is the only people under the heavens that can
perform such a work. To think that the Jews will build a temple outside
of the authority of the Mormons is just like saying the Jehovah's
Witnesses can do so too. There is no scriptural reference to support such
an idea.

Somebody should have clued Solomon in on this idea! Could have saved him a lot of expense. Likewise Zarubabel. Herod's another story.........

IOW, I don't rule out the possibility, although in principle I agree. I just think that such statements are too uncomfortably close to "a bible, a bible, we have a bible" to suit me. The Lord will do whatever he wants, without consulting me first. (good thing for the world, too)


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