I have two thoughts on this, somewhat differing in scope.
First, I believe the Lord could allow the Jews to rebuild a temple, based
on the Mosaic/Terrestrial Law. It would not have all the power and
blessings of a temple built on the laws of the Celestial Kingdom and
Melchizedek Priesthood. It would require priests, direct descendents from
Aaron to offer sacrifice and enter the Holy of Holies.
The other idea came around back in 1978, when a bunch of Institute
instructors and their wives went on a summer trip to the Middle East. In
Jerusalem, they spoke to the head of the main Jewish religion there, and
one question that came up was the future temple. He stated that Mormons
would probably help the Jews build the temple, because we are one of the
few peoples on earth who still have that skill/capability. My Institute
director was on that trip, Brother Perritt, so I got it first hand.
K'aya K'ama,
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I think we have been here before. It's a good subject. I say that the
Jews can't build a temple that the Lord will accept. A temple must be
built and consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Jews cannot do
 The temple in Jerusalem will be built by the LDS church for in behalf of
Mormon Jews. The LDS church is the only people under the heavens that can
perform such a work. To think that the Jews will build a temple outside
of the authority of the Mormons is just like saying the Jehovah's
Witnesses can do so too. There is no scriptural reference to support such
an idea. 

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