>I have two thoughts on this, somewhat differing in scope.
>First, I believe the Lord could allow the Jews to rebuild a temple,
>on the Mosaic/Terrestrial Law. It would not have all the power and
>blessings of a temple built on the laws of the Celestial Kingdom and
>Melchizedek Priesthood. It would require priests, direct descendents
>Aaron to offer sacrifice and enter the Holy of Holies.


I don't understand the reasoning that goes along with your thought. The
Jews are descendents of apostates and they and their appointees can't
officiate in the name of the Lord because they have no priesthood
whatsoever. Outside of Mormonism there is no one authorized to perform
animal sacrifice and the Jews know nothing about the sacred covenants of
the priesthood and have rejected Jesus Christ who is the whole purpose
behind the animal sacrifice. Any sacrifice performed by Jews would be a
mockery and just as invalid as the baptism performed by a Catholic

I don't believe the Jews could build a temple unto the Lord. If the
Catholics can't do it, neither can the Jews. Don't you believe Elder
McConkie when he said the temple would be built by the Church?

Paul O

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