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At 08:44 PM, Saturday, 10/26/02, Gary Smith wrote:

According to Alma 29:8 and also Brigham Young, Pres Kimball and others,
there are many people called of God in other belief systems to teach a
level of truth. Those who teach a terrestrial law are doing so under
inspiration of the Light of Christ (and the Holy Ghost). Their calling to
preach and work is just as real as ours in this Church, it just doesn't
have all the saving ordinances or truths.
Grampa Bill comments:
This is true. Martin Luther, the founder of Lutheranism and John Wesley, the founder of Methodism are pointed to as examples. However, can any one name a person living while the Fullness of the Gospel was on the earth who was called of God to teach a lesser truth?

I think it's possible, because there are people who are not yet ready to go all the way from wherever they are now to the Fullness of the Gospel in one step. If they are honestly seeking the truth, I believe God will lead them to it in steps no bigger than they can handle.

--Ronn! :)

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