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> Paul Osborne wrote:
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> No one in this church can be excommunicated for simply teaching 
> false
> doctrine.
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> Fortunate for me--I get it wrong nearly every time, and I wouldn't 
> have 
> lasted long in this church otherwise.  Tolerance is the virtual 
> safety 
> belt that lets us live with each other in our imperfections.

This is absolutely right, Jim.

This reminds me of a young man we used to have in our ward.  He was
controversial to say the least.  In fact, JWR will probably know about
whom I am referring.  Anyway, he and his wife lived here for about 4
years while he got his PhD from ND.  During this time, many times in
Gospel Doctrine, he'd say something, or contend something that could
easily be construed as "false doctrine".  However, our elder HP brethren
were always very gentle with this young man and would frequently pull him
off to the side after class and instruct correct principle with him.  It
was really beautiful to watch.  

Their last Sunday here was a Fast Sunday.  I was extremely sad to see
them go.  I love her like my own sister, but he was really special to
me--like a rebellious younger brother.  But our ward had embraced and
loved this young man. (I'm getting choked up thinking about it now!).  He
got up that last Sunday and thanked the ward for the fellowshipping he
and his family had received (they had two adorable little girls while
they lived here).  He said that this was the only ward where he had been
truly accepted and loved and that this would always be home--and it was

Then he said something that still makes me chuckle.  He said, "I know
I've stirred things up a lot here.  I didn't mean to.  You see, we are
like the blind men, feeling their way around an elephant.  The gospel is
that elephant.  We all "see" different things with our hands.  Most all
of you are at the front of the elephant, and "see" the elephant the same
way.  Me--I'm at the rear.  It's the same elephant, but I have an
entirely different perspective than the mainstream.  Someday I hope I
find the front too." 

It was really touching.  He also said he was grateful for the love and
patience he and his family felt while they were here.  I cannot wait for
the day when I will see them again.


> In fact I'm not sure we even take notice when false doctrine is 
> preached, unless it somehow offends the sense of one of our own 
> favorite 
> issues.
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> Mij Ebaboc
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