>It depends on what's meant by "teaching". If you are GD teacher and you
let slip
>a whopper in all innocence, no one's going to care, although you may be
>corrected. But if you start doing it purposely, knowing it's against the
>doctrine of the Church (like, say, we should all go back to polygamy),
you'll be
>hauled up on your SP's carpet rate* some smartly, as my Nova Scotia
>members say.

I don't care what the person taught--he or she cannot be excommunicated
for simply teaching false doctrine. But, if they continue in their
*disobedience* after having been admonished not to to teach false
doctrine they will undoubtedly find themselves under some sort of church
discipline which could lead to excommunication depending on the nature
and extent of their sin.

Polygamy? No thanks. I'm not going to get involved. 


Paul O

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