A good book you might consider is Nibley's book on the temple. It's vol. 12,
"Temple and Cosmos." It explains a lot of symbolism using ancient temples as
examples.  A good non-LDS book was written by a man who recently passed away and
is better known as a critic of the so-called mystic school of English poets
(primarily William Blake), but who was also an ordained mainstream Protestant
minister and taught at Victoria College, U of Toronto, which houses the United
Church of Canada's seminary. His name's Northrop Frye and he wrote a kind of
double book, one called "The Great Code: the Bible and Literature," and "Words
With Power," its successor (and written in a chiastic form, interestingly).
Although he's not LDS, I think so much of Frye that I have devoted a section of
my website to him.

Go to http://www.members.shaw.ca/mschindler/B/scripture.htm and you'll see 3
items by/about him: B1 is a shorter piece, and B3 is a longer piece with
extensive excerpts from his two books. B12 is a review I wrote on one of his
books for either Dialogue or Sunstone -- offhand I forget which. B15 isn't bad
either -- it's about symbolism and literary techniques (such as onomatopoeia and
alliteration which is lost in the translation) in Isaiah.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> At 08:43 PM, Monday, 10/28/02, Stephen Beecroft wrote:
> >5. Moses 7:26 mentions Satan veiling the earth with his chain,
> >symbolizing (I believe) the captivity of sin and the blindness Satan
> >causes in the hearts of men. Isaiah 25:7 also uses this symbolism.
> >
> >Just some musings during the gospel doctrine discussion yesterday.
> It's too heavy for me.  But then I have a hard time with symbolism.  I am
> too literal minded.  It has occurred to me that when we are dealing with
> other adults, we cannot know who they were in the premortal existence, and
> they cannot know who we truly are.  I have heard it said that if we could
> only pierce that veil we would hold each other in much higher regard.
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