>It has occurred to me that when we are dealing with 
>other adults, we cannot know who they were in the premortal existence,
>they cannot know who we truly are.  I have heard it said that if we
>only pierce that veil we would hold each other in much higher regard.

I agree. I believe that we all  knew every single person who has and will
come to this earth in the finest degree. We were super intelligent in the
preexistence and were learning to think like God on a much higher level
than we think now. Yes, we all know each other very intimately and the
inhabitants of this earth share a common bond together as we serve in
this mission. It is a terrible thing to trespass against another person.
The atonement will prevent a lot of pain that would be our due if we
didn't repent. Christ truly suffered beyond our ability to know.

Paul O

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