On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:26:43 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
  I have heard it said that if we could 
> only pierce that veil we would hold each other in much higher 
> regard.
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Truman Madsen gave a FARMS talk, The Temple and the Atonement, in which
he paraphrases Brigham Young, who said that he had two sisters approach
him once about a divorce.  His reply was that if they could see their
husbands as they will be in the glorious resurrection, they would kneel
and worship them.  BY said the same is true of men who think they have
fallen out of love with their wives.
What a great thing this is to ponder.  I miss my dear husband terribly. 
And I love him with all my heart.  Just to think that that love that I
have for him will be added upon, and that our level of love and respect
will be so much higher--incomprehensible for this mortal.

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