> It's too heavy for me.  But then I have a hard time with
> symbolism.  I am too literal minded.

I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. You deal very 
profoundly with symbolism every time you type an email. These little 
black squiggles don't mean anything at all by themselves; they are 
merely symbolic of meaning, and the fact that they can inspire inside 
your brain roughly the same thoughts as the workings in my brain that 
gave them genesis proves that you're adept at symbolic manipulation. 
Same with spoken language, of course. I might venture to say that every 
bit of communication you do with every other being, even God, is 

On a less fundamental level, you partake of the sacrament every week, 
yet you don't believe the Catholic doctrine of transsubstantiation. You 
commonly read and use figures of speech, such as that God upholds the 
universe, yet I bet you don't picture God, Atlas-like, with the universe 
perched upon his shoulders. Symbolism pervades your life. You eat and 
breathe it (symbolically, if not literally).

As for the symbolism of the veil, I was just throwing out some musings. 
I feel quite sure that the one thing a "veil" always symbolizes, 
religiously speaking, is separation. But isn't "separation" itself 
symbolic of something deeper, namely, our not *being* the type of person 
we strive to be? Whether that's separation from God, from a wife, or 
from our body, we regret not having the intimacy or contact that we once 
had, or perhaps we work to gain contact we have never had but wish to.


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