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Truman Madsen gave a FARMS talk, The Temple and the Atonement, in which
he paraphrases Brigham Young, who said that he had two sisters approach
him once about a divorce.  His reply was that if they could see their
husbands as they will be in the glorious resurrection, they would kneel
and worship them.  BY said the same is true of men who think they have
fallen out of love with their wives.
I do not think it is possible to fall out of love with your wife, at least not the kind of love I think of when I use the term. True love lasts forever or it isn't true love. And if a couple have "grown apart," whatever that means, then they need to grow back together again. We don't stay with our spouse only because we love them. We stay with them because we are loyal by nature. We remain true and faithful because that is how we see ourselves, as a true and faithful person. If a man cannot remain true and faithful to his wife, what makes him think he can be true and faithful to the Lord?

Of course there are other kinds of love besides true love that lasts forever. There is the kind that is just for now, or as long as it is convenient, or until something comes along that I like better. But then I don't think the word love should be used so cheaply.

In other word I'm still in love with the movie, Princess Bride. Farm Boy and Buttercup had it right.

"I can image a world without war, a world without fear, a
world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that
world, because they'd never expect it.' --Jack Handy
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