Jim, care to back *any* of this up with any actual facts, rather than just a

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> John,
> Scientists are free to indulge their fancy.  Obviously there's little
> historic evidence to substantiate supposedly "prehistoric" events.  For
> many science devotees, one basic premise is that nothing supernatural
> exists.  In  science to acknowledge the existence or act of God is an
> awful heresy.  Of course the bible simply assumes that readers have
> implicit faith in the existence of God.  Therefore the science nazis
> have to invent ways to discount biblical history.
> Some of them can do this without being overtly arrogant and patently
> offensive, but many cannot.  As far as I can tell, the "scientists"
> first tactic in arguing this position is to label anyone who doesn't
> agree an ignorant superstitious moron.  While this may satisfy their own
> requirements for determining the winner of an argument, it seldom
> answers the objections of "science dissidents" or "science apostates".
> And of course the scientists in their cliques don't feel obligated to
> respect or cater to morons.  For them, it certainly would be more
> gratifying to feed each other's egos, and pretend that all their
> theories have been "critically reviewed".
> When they are learned...
> As to some of your other points.
> I have long been fascinated by a science discipline referred to as
> "ethnobotany".  This is a narrowly focused study attempting to discern
> the natural origins of domestic plant species.  In fact, it is a
> singularly unproductive study, because it is generally found that the
> existence of domestic strains extends back before historic times.
> Nobody really knows for sure where the ancestors of most modern
> cultivated plants arose.  The studies return results that are strikingly
> similar to the fruits of anthropologists efforts to find a proto-human
> ancestor.
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> Mij Ebaboc
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