Scientists go from the assumption that the Bible isn't secular history, and in
that they are right. Apples and oranges.

Zion wrote:

> John:
> Has anyone on the list read GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL by Jared Diamond?  It won
> the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction in 1998.  I am about half way
> through it, and I'm getting bogged down.
> This guy is a scientist and a historian, but he keeps explaining how
> domesticated plants were developed by man.  He also explains how sheep came
> to be domesticated.  Now he is talking about how the use of writing
> originated.
> Dan:
> I had started to read it several months ago, but didn't get very far. One
> of the things that bothered me about it was in his discussion of the
> conquest of South America. He based his estimates of the numbers of natives
> slain on a series of letters that - to me at least - read as propaganda
> tracts to the king of Spain. Now the numbers may actually be accurate, but
> when they are combined with statements like "we did this in the glory of
> your kingship" they ring a little inflated. That wasn't the reason that I
> quit reading it, but is one of the things I remembered from it.
> John:
> I thought that Cain raised grain, and Able raised sheep?  Am I wrong?  And
> I also thought that the language of Adam was the Adamic language, and that
> it is the language that was spoken by all peoples before their tongues were
> confounded at the time of the Tower of Babel.  What is wrong with this
> picture.  Are the scriptures wrong?  Or is this scientist just making
> things up?  Maybe the scriptures really are just an ancient collection of
> Hebrew folk talks.  Is that possible?
> Dan:
> The problem with the study of truly ancient languages and cultures is the
> lack of real records. A lot of this type of scholarship has to be based on
> supposition; personal bias will get in the way. I don't think that there is
> really any way around that. If a scholar starts from the supposition that
> the Bible is strictly a regional record - and most seem to - then it gets
> ignored.
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