> Actually, contrary to popular misconception he didn't originate the idea, he merely 
>popularized it. It's now considered fairly mainstream, and part of the "New 

I knew he didn't come up with the initial idea when I wrote my previous post but I got 

However, I am correct in stating that Gould is not considered mainstream amongst 
evolutionists, and in particular, punctuated equilibrium is not widely accepted in 
evolutionist circles. 

This extract shows criticism of Gould's theories by other evolutionists:


"After once proclaiming that Dr. Gould had brought paleontology back to the high table 
of evolutionary theory, Dr. John Maynard Smith, an evolutionary biologist at 
University of Sussex in England, wrote that other evolutionary biologists "tend to see 
him as a man whose ideas are so confused as to be hardly worth bothering with." 
Sometimes these criticisms descend into so-called "Gould-bashing" where the charges 
are as personal as intellectual. Punctuated equilibrium, for example, has been called 
"evolution by jerks." "

This extract calls Gould a gadfly amongst evolutionists:


"I don't want to emphasize either the explicit or implicit dissents from Darwinism, 
however, because the most revealing remark about Darwinism in The Third Culture comes 
from a Darwinist of unimpeachable authority, George Williams. Williams is much less 
visible to the public than Dawkins or Gould, but he is more authoritative in the 
profession than either. Along with John Maynard Smith and William Hamilton, he is at 
the summit of the inner circle of evolutionary biology, in a realm where Gould is 
regarded as a gadfly and Dawkins is something of a junior partner. Williams and 
Hamilton earned their preminent status by pioneering the gene-centered Darwinism that 
Dawkins popularized with such success in The Selfish Gene."

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