After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
And finally, if you can hang tight, I might have another resource. I've had the
idea for an article accepted by a well-known LDS publication (not Dialogue or
Sunstone), and a draft has been submitted. I can't reveal which publication yet
because nothing is finalized yet, but I actually had in my mind, while writing
this, several "virtual personalities" to whom I "addressed" the article. They
include you and my younger son (who's at the opposite end -- he's a 3rd year
astrophysics student at our counterpart to MIT and is agnostic, more or less).
Even if it's not accepted, I'll post it on my website. I have an essay there now,
called "eppur si riconciliano" (thanks again, Stephen, for the help with the
title), but the essay isn't very well written, frankly. I think my new article
expresses my thoughts much better.
An excellent list, Marc. It sounds like I should read Gould's THE STRUCTURE OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY. And if it is over my head, I should learn the prerequisites.

If you recall, I also asked you for the best book-length argument against evolution. Because you are an expert, I just naturally assume that you know both sides of the argument. And to become educate in the matter myself, I need to study the best available on both sides of the issue. It would not be good thinking to pit the best on one side against the merely mediocre on the other.

In any case, you have already provided us with an admirable survey of the literature on one side of the discussion, and for that I thank you. I think my sig below fits this thread, don't you?

" proving contraries, truth is made manifest" --Joseph
Smith, History of the Church, Volume 6, p.248
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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