Jim Cobabe wrote:

> It is difficult to find books on evolution that avoid dogmatic
> approaches.  I suspect that most who disagree with the rank and file do
> so privately.  In my experience any lack of enthusiasm for the currently
> favored doctrine of evolution is met with waves of contempt and
> derision.  If you don't pledge allegience to the right stuff, you're
> obviously just stupid.
> For an alternative perspective, I have enjoyed Kenneth Miller's

Miller actually shows how evolution can be accepted by a believer -- it's just
the oppositive of an anti-evolution book. It's one of the ones I recommended for

> Also Michael Behe's DARWIN'S BLACK BOX.  Both
> of them at least admit that there are issues beyond the current
> politically-correct envelope of academic regimen.

And I agree here. Behe's book kind of opened up the whole Intelligent Design
movement. Behe and Miller have actually been debating each other online, too.
I'll forebear giving any links to it for now. I've overloaded John with stuff as
it is, I think.

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> Mij Ebaboc

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