Mark Gregson wrote:

> > I wouldn't suggest this for a beginner, but the best and most up-to-date general
> > actual textbook, meant for university courses, is probably the relatively new,
> > but very long book that Stephen Jay Gould published just before he died, "The
> > Structure of Evolutionary Theory."
> John, you should know that many proponents and researchers of evolution disagree 
>with Gould.  They consider him a populizer of a small group's point of view.  They 
>don't consider him to be mainstream, particularly on his theory of punctuated 

Actually, contrary to popular misconception he didn't originate the idea, he merely 
popularized it. It's now considered fairly mainstream, and part of the "New Synthesis".

> But I hope that you are serious about the challenge of studying the issue of 
>evolution if you honestly expect to come to some kind of real understanding.  There 
>is so much material to wade through with so many questions about each "fact" that it 
>could easily take a lifetime.

This is part of the problem.

> On the other hand, the international space station continues to grow and the 
>Internet is so very useful. Some things may be interesting whereas other things are 
>useful and actually work.
> (Just taking another fun little poke at Marc; it wasn't aimed at you, John).

That's alright. Engineers have their place. Under the sink, with a wrench....

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