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Senator Peolosi from San Francisco is being groomed to take over the top
of the Dem heap in the Congress, while many of the other rats abandon
the sinking ship.  Appears that she doesn't even attempt to hide her
whacked-out leftist socialist feminazi idealism.  Near as I can tell,
she is an icon for everything that disgusted me about the Clintonistas.
In other words, the perfect model to represent Demoncratic leadership in
US politics.

It will be truly gratifying if such openly radical nuts dominate in the
new Democrat organization.  Then they can vent their angst over
irrelevant non-issues like equal pay for women and human rights in
China, while the real leadership addresses substantive matters.

Mij Ebaboc
If the Democratic party hopes to survive they would be wise to move to the center by backing Rep. Martin Frost of Texas, a moderate. Which is what I think will happen. Choosing Senator Pelosi will ring a death knell for the Democratic Party.

Steven Montgomery

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