> Senator Peolosi from San Francisco is being groomed to take
> over the top of the Dem heap in the Congress [...] It will be
> truly gratifying if such openly radical nuts dominate in the
> new Democrat organization.

>> [Steven] Choosing Senator Pelosi will ring a death knell for
>> the Democratic Party.
> In that case, I hope they choose Senator Pelosi.  One of the
> two main parties needs to be done away with so another one can
> take its place.

> I would be tickled pink if the Democratic Party did choose
> Senator Pelosi. I would hold graveyard services to honor
> their demise and then go out and celebrate! ;-)

It appears you've gotten your wish. I certainly hope you all are right. 
My observation is that when wackos get into leadership position, they 
eventually stop looking quite so wacky. "A monster of so frightful mien" 
and all that.


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