Indeed. This is also what seems to have happened in Turkey with the recent
election, incidentally. A party with Islamist roots appears to have a much more
pragmatic platform (in any case, Turkey's constitution declares the secular
nature of the country, and the military have traditionally reined in any

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Jim-
> > Senator Peolosi from San Francisco is being groomed to take
> > over the top of the Dem heap in the Congress [...] It will be
> > truly gratifying if such openly radical nuts dominate in the
> > new Democrat organization.
> -John-
> >> [Steven] Choosing Senator Pelosi will ring a death knell for
> >> the Democratic Party.
> >
> > In that case, I hope they choose Senator Pelosi.  One of the
> > two main parties needs to be done away with so another one can
> > take its place.
> -Steven-
> > I would be tickled pink if the Democratic Party did choose
> > Senator Pelosi. I would hold graveyard services to honor
> > their demise and then go out and celebrate! ;-)
> It appears you've gotten your wish. I certainly hope you all are right.
> My observation is that when wackos get into leadership position, they
> eventually stop looking quite so wacky. "A monster of so frightful mien"
> and all that.
> Stephen
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