So the official 1st presidency statement of Jan 98 expressing concern at the
predominance of one party in Utah, is like water off a duck's back for you?

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 07:20 PM 11/8/2002, you wrote:
> >After much pondering, Steven Montgomery favored us with:
> >>If the Democratic party hopes to survive they would be wise to move to
> >>the center by backing Rep. Martin Frost of Texas, a moderate. Which is
> >>what I think will happen. Choosing Senator Pelosi will ring a death knell
> >>for the Democratic Party.
> >
> >In that case, I hope they choose Senator Pelosi.  One of the two main
> >parties needs to be done away with so another one can take its place.  I'm
> >tired of one-party government masquerading as two-party government.
> >
> >
> >John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I would be tickled pink if the Democratic Party did choose Senator Pelosi.
> I would hold graveyard services to honor their demise and then go out and
> celebrate! ;-)
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> Steven Montgomery
> ". . . it is as much their [The Elders of Israel] duty to study correct
> political principles as well as religion, and to seek and know and
> comprehend the social and political interests of man, and to learn and be
> able to teach that which would be best calculated to promote the interests
> of the world."--John Taylor
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