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After much pondering, Steven Montgomery favored us with:
If the Democratic party hopes to survive they would be wise to move to the center by backing Rep. Martin Frost of Texas, a moderate. Which is what I think will happen. Choosing Senator Pelosi will ring a death knell for the Democratic Party.
In that case, I hope they choose Senator Pelosi. One of the two main parties needs to be done away with so another one can take its place. I'm tired of one-party government masquerading as two-party government.

I would be tickled pink if the Democratic Party did choose Senator Pelosi. I would hold graveyard services to honor their demise and then go out and celebrate! ;-)

Steven Montgomery

". . . it is as much their [The Elders of Israel] duty to study correct political principles as well as religion, and to seek and know and comprehend the social and political interests of man, and to learn and be able to teach that which would be best calculated to promote the interests of the world."--John Taylor

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