Stacy Smith wrote:

> Thanks for answering.  I guess I'm worried for a couple of reasons.  Even
> though nuclear bombs are probably hard to maintain probably undetonated,
> there's always a supply out there.  Not only that, but many terrorists love
> to come to us through Canada.

This is misleading. Pat Buchanan, just to take the latest celebrity to express an
uninformed opinionon this, doesn't know what he's talking about. ALL of the
terrorists involved in the 9-11 attacks on NY and the Pentagon came directly to the
U.S., and not through Canada. Your INS was even giving green cards to dead people.
The reason the Canadian connection makes the news is sheer numbers. We have a
border that's thousands of kms long and which nobody could patrol adequately, so
it's relatively easy to cross, and far more people cross it than come in via ports
or airports from overseas -- only Mexico comes close.  We have far more terrorists
in Canada who have come here from the U.S., but of course you guys never hear that
on your news (and it's not in Buchanan's interests to tell you, pitched as he is to
the trailer park trash counterpart to Howard Stern's New York demographic).

The one difference we *do* have, besides having a much longer coastline than you
guys do, and one tenth the population density, is that we still welcome immigrants
more freely than the U.S. It's far easier to get a work permit here, and permanent
immigrant status, and also citizenship, than in the U.S. That also includes
refugees, and no screening system is perfect, so we end up probably letting in more
than our fair share of bad apples, proportionately speaking.

>  They take up residence here like normal
> ordinary citizens.  We could have many of them living with us
> undetected.  We could have them guarding our nuclear facilities, etc.
> Then there's also the chemical and biological variations combined with
> nuclear capability.
> Stacy.

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