Steven wins first prize! A one-week holiday in beautiful downtown Moose Jaw in
the second week of January.
Okay. Here's another question: what was the religious denomination of the pilot,
and after whom did he name the plane? (I'm thinking specifically of the Enola Gay

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 11:34 AM 11/9/2002, Marc wrote:
> >Incidentally, one little irony that I'm not sure has been brought up,
> >although I'm
> >sure Mark especially knows this, and probably many others here, is that
> >Nagasaki
> >wasn't the first choice for the second bomb. The original target was
> >clouded over
> >that day, so Nagasaki got hit. The irony is that Nagasaki is the
> >historical centre
> >of Japan's Christian community.  So I guess today's trivia question is:
> >what was
> >the original target?
> The primary target was Kokura, a major munitions manufacturing center.
> Kokura was obscured by clouds and smoke (leftover from an earlier raid on a
> nearby city) so the bombadier couldn't get an exact target despite three
> separate passes. The secondary target was Nagasaki which was also obscured
> by clouds but after a couple of passes the clouds parted, and the rest is
> history.
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