Sorry, Marc, but you are wrong.  This information comes from several experts
in this field who deal with the actual (expected) contaminants.  Neither you
nor I are experts, so from my perspective, you lose.  Spreading hysteria
must be a Canadian sport, which has filtered down to the anti-nuke folks in
the US! :-)


Marc A. Schindler wrote:

It's *not* that simple. You can't just shower off caesium particles, which
absorbed into the skin, and get breathed in to the lungs.  Cobalt 60 dust is
worse, but harder to obtain since the way it normally comes for medical use
is in
tiny cylinders 1 mm long and about .2 mm across, packed into a triple-welded
cylinder about 3.5 cm long and 1.5 - 2 cm across.

I was in one of the classrooms at Parirenwatwa Hospital (formerly Sir
Fleming Hospital) in Harare, Zimbabwe, about 7 or 8 years ago, and saw a
of what happened when a janitor picked up a small vial of caesium powder and
it in his pocket (it was a lesson on the need for proper storage security --
kind of incident would be unthinkable in an OECD country's hospital. One
hope, anyway). He only had it for a day before he gave it to a doctor, but
it ate
away most of his genitals and lower abdomen skin. Very gruesome.

If you get it in your lungs there's no immediate problem, but your chance of
getting lung cancer skyrockets.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Actually, dirty bombs are not a big deal from a radioactivity point of
> If one is exposed to a dirty nuke, one only has to get to a complete
> (at home will do just fine) within a couple of hours, and there will be no
> long term effects.  The cleanup will be a pain to be sure, but not a
> big deal either.
> Of course, with all the hysteria over nuclear power that the envirowackos
> have stirred up, the emotional damage would be much greater.
> But that's a topic for another thread, one that I have begun doing
> and extensive research on.  You will be the first to see the fruits of
> research - sort of a test market!
> Jon
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> I think the most imminent threat isn't from a conventional nuke but from
> so-called dirty bombs, which are conventional explosives packed with a
> radioactive substance such as caesium (which is a powder in natural form).
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