Dresden was not an industrial city. You may be confusing it with Leipzig, which
got off relatively light. What Dresden was was a centre of transportation for
central Europe, a transfer point for many trains and highways. It was chockfull
of refugees when the RAF bombed it. What little heavy industry it had was out in
suburbs to the west and north. South and east the terrain is too mountainous.
Hamburg at least had a military point -- Dresden was pure terrorism in the
neutral sense of the word: we were trying to demoralize the German population and
force an overthrow of Hitler.

Trivia question: who was the first country to launch a raid on residential areas
in an enemy country in WWII, and what was the city involved?
Trivia question: who first broke neutrality in WWII?
Trivia question: what major Ally's naval assets were destroyed by another Ally,
and why?

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Steven-
> > Perhaps you're right, but I still fail to see how the United
> > States maintained the moral high ground by bombing civilians.
> Like Jim, I don't know what constitutes "moral high ground" in a war.
> Note that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both industrial cities, and thus
> legitimate targets, just like Dresden. If the US was going for
> demoralizing civilian casualties, why didn't they nuke Tokyo?
> Since 1945, there has been a moratorium in usage of nuclear weapons
> during war, one which the US has scrupulously observed, and in fact has
> even taken a lead role in carving out such "international law". In 1945,
> no such law existed. It's anachronistic (and worse) to try to hold the
> US of 1945 to a code of conduct that didn't exist at the time.

Except for one thing: the US has never accepted "refusal of first right." Which
is to say, they have not promised never to be the first to use nuclear weapons in
a war.

Marc A. Schindler
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