Very good! Another week in Moose Jaw for our boy genius :-)

(You realize, of course, that Moose Jaw is our equivalent of a Fargo joke -- you
know, first prize is one week, second prize is two weeks. Actually, it's also the
site of an airbase where our military pilots are trained. My cousin's husband,
who was a SARtech out of Gander, NF, is now there learning to fly C-130's. He's
tired of rotary wing and wants to switch to fixed wing. Flying Hercs will get him
to more exotic locations, too, besides his annual simulator training trip to
California. We put the base there because there's nothing to hit that's higher
than a grain elevator....)

Incidentally, I'm going from memory, but I believe Westphalia was or is an outer
suburb of Berlin, but I could be confusing it with another raid. (It's a little
confusing because it's also the name of a German province, known in German as
Westfalen, but the term "Westphalia" is used sometimes, too, because it's from
the Latin form of the name; that's how we got our English form of many German

ObPersonal: speaking of the modern-day province of Rheinland-Westfalen (Rhineland
- Westphalia) my sister was born in a British military hospital in Iserlohn, near
Dortmund, in 1957, while the occupation zones were still delineated (Canadians
were part of the British zone). Some years ago my Dad gave me his remaining
British military occupation money, which was pre-decimal, for a collection of
bank notes I put together. It was kind of funny to see this stuff -- notes for as
low as sixpence, but that could buy a pair of nylons at the military store in
those days. We lived for two years at Möhnesee, where my father, who was fluent
in German and was in the Provost Corps Special Investigations Group, among other
things did debriefing of people who survived a famous incident which is not
well-known today in Germany, but is very widely known in the West because of a
Hollywood movie that was made about it. Anybody know what happened at Möhnesee?
Hint: a "see" (pronounced "zay")  is a lake, but can also refer to an "artificial

My Mom says it was an idyllic place, incidentally. Close to the first modern
ogilopolis, the Ruhr Valley, via autobahn, but up in the foothills of the
Rothaargebirge (an Appalachian-like area with a similar climate as the
mid-Appalachians in the US, say around Virginia or E. Pennsylvania or so).

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 03:46 PM 11/9/2002, Marc wrote:
> >Trivia question: who was the first country to launch a raid on residential
> >areas
> >in an enemy country in WWII, and what was the city involved?
> Great Britain, May 11, 1940. They bombed the quiet peaceful town known as
> Westphalia which was miles from any front. The historian J. F. P. Veale
> notes in his book, _Advance To Barbarism_, that Great Britain's bombing of
> Westphalia was "the first deliberate breach of the fundamental rule of
> civilized warfare that hostilities must only be waged against the enemy
> combatant forces."
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