Too true, but there really were overlapping and conflicting claims, even amongst
the 13 colonies, let alone the rest of British North America (remember that there
weren't just 13 colonies -- it's just that you learn about those specifically
because they're later what became the USA). But I seem to remember border
disputes between New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, etc. And the
Oregon Territory was a real mess of conflicting treaties and uncertainties.

Take Maine as an example. The reason it juts way up into Canada is that the
treaty that set its boundaries has as a key element a measurement of what's the
highest point in a certain area. Later surveys, after the border was fixed,
showed that the border should have been way to the south (and I mean like about
100 kms), but you can't unscramble omelets. That's what made the border run right
through the centre of some towns. There's one on the Quebec-Vermont border, iirc,
where there's a pool hall/tavern right on the border, and they've painted a
yellow line through the pub to show the border. It runs right across the pool
table!  ("8 ball in the American SW pocket...")

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> >Hmm, I seem to recall from my 10th grade civics class that there was a
> >stamp tax
> >and a poll tax. The Quebec Act was only "intolerable" because it put a
> >quick end
> >to the fantasy that the rights of the Atlantic colonies extended forever
> >westwards.
> Subsequent history has shown that it was not a fantasy.  Might makes
> right.  --JWR
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