Steven Montgomery wrote:
I'm just as concerned about one party domination as you are. One problem 
is that the Democratic Party has steered themselves way too far to the 

It appears to me that partisan affiliation is largely irrelevant, at 
least at the national level.  Both major national parties promote 
platform issues that are morally unacceptable, insupportable, and 
insufferable, to any person still gifted with the light of Christ.  In 
fact, in the deepest darkest depths of these organizations lurk evils so 
horrifyingly abominable that it amazes me to see apparently otherwise 
decent people so associate themselves.  They are truly  Gadianton Bands, 
fulfilling every item on the checklist of devilish evil and depravity.  
Beneath the centrist mask, many of the principal policy makers openly 
espouse ideals that would compromise the very social and political 
foundations of the world.  If such fundamentally evil people ever come 
to power unopposed and free to act, it will be a day of great calamity.

This far, in this modern age, we have been fortunate that these forces 
must continually compromise their true inclinations to disguise the real 
evil they intend.

Mij Ebaboc

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