Hmm, I seem to recall from my 10th grade civics class that there was a stamp tax
and a poll tax. The Quebec Act was only "intolerable" because it put a quick end
to the fantasy that the rights of the Atlantic colonies extended forever

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 10:56 AM 11/10/2002, you wrote:
> >It's something the party takes a lot of ribbing for, but arose because in the
> >Depression era, or even early for all I can remember, the Prairie-based
> >Populist
> >group, the Progressives, joined with the Tory, Bay Street boys, the
> >Conservatives.
> >
> >Incidentally true conservatism as we understand it outside the US is
> >"Toryism,"
> >and seeks merely to preserve the status quo. It is most ironic to me that
> >the one
> >single thing that led to Thatcher's downfall was her imposition of a poll
> >tax. If
> >I recall my US history correctly, wasn't a poll tax one of the so-called
> >"Intolerable Acts"?
> Not that I'm aware of. The intolerable or coercive acts consisted of:
> Quartering Act: Established March 24, 1765
> This bill required that Colonial Authorities to furnish barracks and
> supplies to British troops. In 1766, it was expanded to public houses and
> unoccupied buildings, and was updated again June 2, 1774, to include
> occupied buildings.
> Boston Port Bill: Effective June 1, 1774:
> This bill closed the port of Boston to all colonists until, the damages
> from the Boston Tea Party were paid for.
> Administration of Justice Act: Effective May 20, 1774
> This bill stated that British Officials could not be tried in provincial
> courts for capital crimes. They would be extradited back to Britain and
> tried there. This effectively gave the British free reign to do whatever
> they wished, because no justice would be served while they were still in
> the colonies.
> Massachusetts Government Act: Effective May 20, 1774
> This bill effectively annulled the charter of the colonies, giving the
> British Governor complete control of the town meetings, and taking control
> out of the hands of the colonialists.
> Quebec Act: Established May 20, 1774 This bill extended the Canadian
> borders to cut off The western colonies of Conn. Mass. and Va.
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