Mark Gregson wrote:

> > do what we can to accommodate you. I'm probably the closest to the highway you'll
> > be on (the Yellowhead) but Mark's not too far off, and
> That's right.  It's a fifteen minute drive from my house to the highway, John, so 
>call me when you get to the little white church by the overpass

aka the interchange with County Highway 774. South takes you into Stony Plain, and you 
go north to Mark's place.

Before that, when you come to the fork in the freeway between 16 (Yellowhead) and 16A 
(Parkland), take 16, which is to the left, or north, of 16A.

To get to our place you take what I think is the next interchange past 774, called 
Century Road, south to Spruce Grove (there's a level crossing you can take that's 
quicker, but it's more dangerous in the winter). From there I'd give you more precise 
directions.  If you take 16A you can also get to Mark's by going north on the 
Interchange with 48th Street in Stony Plain, and 16A turns into an ordinary
highway with 5 sets of traffic lights as you go right through Spruce Grove.  The two 
highways (16 and 16A) are only a couple of miles apart.

> and I'll swing down to see you.  Unless it's snowing hard, in which case it will 
>take longer because I'll have to hitch up the dog sled.  I can get to Marc's house in 
>less than twenty-five minutes so let me know when you need me to go straighten him 
> Let me know if you do decide to pass through.  I'd be delighted to meet you.  It'll 
>be a little late for barbequed beef but we can roast some Alberta prime in the oven.

And I just noticed last night that Cathy has a canister of Godiva cocoa on the 

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