I've been a little overwhelmed with the volume of chatter today.  I've
tried, at the least, to read everything on this thread but I can't be
sure. So I'll summarize and stand to be corrected if necessary.

My understanding is that JWR is planning to leave Provo on Wednesday
November 20, 2002 in the early morning with a view to landing in
Cardston in the evening. He will be with his daughter.  We will provide
a bedroom with a bed for each of them and nourishment as required.  (I
have a stake presidency meeting scheduled for that evening and will not
be available from 6:00 until about 9:00, although I do have some control
of the agenda and may be able to shorten the meeting a bit).  In the
morning we will eat and then go to the Cardston Temple for a session.
The first one in the morning requires arrival of about 9:10 a.m..  That
would get your out of the temple by shortly after 11:00.  If you strike
off for Edmonton at that time you will be there around 5 or 6 in the

I believe this is the part of your itinerary that concerns me. Let me
know if I have it right.  I understand that it's tentative at this
point. But I can advise that I have already discussed the matter with
the mistress of the house and she is delighted with the idea, although
her job will not allow her to slack off and go to the temple with us on
Thursday morning. I will give you more detailed directions to Cardston
off the I-15 in due course and also my toll free long distance telephone
number (off list, I guess, there is this thing about Internet security)
so you can advise of your progress as you near Cardston.  I should just
mention that Marc has it a little off in his directions to get to
Cardston.  It's not at all necessary or desirable to go all the way to
Lethbridge or Fort Macleod and then backtrack to Cardston.  You can cut
over almost directly to Cardston from the US/Canada border and the net
effect of coming to Cardston would add less than 15 or 20 minutes to
your trip, (except for the 14 or 15 hours you would laze around my house


Cardston, Alberta

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