I dunno, Paul -- you should see what's happening in areas like Chongqing, the
Pearl River Delta (Guangdong-Hong Kong) and Shanghai these days. It would amaze
you. I've posted a picture of Shanghai that an LDS friend took during a recent
trip there. You can see it at:

I don't have permission to post the name of the person who took this, but it's
someone many of you will probably have heard of.

Here's a recent article from The Economist on the Pearl River Delta:
http://www.economist.com/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=1382626  (I think this is
public, but if you get blocked, let me know and I'll post the article).

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >Who cares?  At the time, Red China didn't have any power.  They couldn't
> >have fought us without losing gazillions of people.  They were fighting
> >with clubs and pitchforks
> Actually, the Chinese are not much of a world force even today in my
> opinion. Not to offend anyone but their technology is flawed and I'll
> tell you right now that they cannot even design a proper light bulb! I've
> personally torn down Chinese made light bulbs and have compared them to
> American made products. The Chinese don't know how to string a filament
> on a par/reflector lamp let alone how far the filament should be from the
> reflector disk which should be shiny and not brushed. There electrical
> products are inferior and often don't even work on the first try or soon
> thereafter. I doubt very much that Chinese made nuclear weapons would hit
> their targets let alone make a successful launch. No need to fear the
> Chinese.
> Paul O
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